“Creativity will remain until the human race remains”

about us the wood valueGreetings Everyone, I’m lucky to have you guys on my website. Not everyone is an enthusiast about arts and crafts, especially; handmade stuff. This is the most valued in every nook and corner of the earth. I am glad, here you are, appreciating my effort and hard work. I’m humbled.

Let me bore you a little bit about telling a few things about me. After all, you need to know the seller (don’t you?). Here, I am presenting myself, Mudassar Rasool, MBA (I.T.), once had been a banker and financial expert with over 20 years of experience in marketing, management, and customer services in several corporate banks and I.T. organizations.

Now, the Founder and CEO of “The Wood Value. As an entrepreneur of an art and craft business, I am responsible for every product and service you buy from this platform. I was always passionate about handmade decoration items especially arts and crafts made with wood. It was my passion and hobby to search for and collect such wooden decor items. My only mantra was “Don’t ever give up on passion”, so I was chanting it daily, and now, here I am,  It wasn’t an easy journey to get onboard after leaving full-time employment. There were ups and downs, more ups though. Through all the hard work and persistence, I was able to take my newbie company to the next level of a professional one. Right now, it’s booming while offering the best products to all my customers.

On top of all, I believe art and craft are “A great source of earnings for creators and simultaneously a great source of satisfaction for people to appreciate that artistic and cultural work”.

If you are interested, you can SHOP NOW and send the most elegant wooden decor gifts to your dear ones and add Value to their lifestyle while adding more colors to your life, too!

Mudassar Rasool