Fruit Baskets For Serving Guests

Aren’t Fruit Baskets the Best Choice for Entertaining Guests?

There are a lot of things to consider when you entertain your guests. You must take care of the things starting from the food you prepare for decorations. When talking about decoration, there’s one thing that stands out – Fruit Baskets. Yes, you need to place a fruit basket to give the final touch to your table. If your presentation is excellent, you can easily make your guests feel overwhelmed. When you are decorating the table, do it with care.

Things to Take Care When Decorating the Guest Table

Like storytelling, you need to keep the guests hooked to the table with decoration. Of course, food should be attractive, but that’s not enough. There’s no point in preparing amazing meals if you are not going to decorate them excellently. If you want to attract guests, you should make sure the visual is pleasing. This is why we have created a list of tips to take care of when decorating your guest table.

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Focus on the Cutlery

Designing should be minimal yet aesthetic, so make sure cutleries are not fancy. If you opt for fancy cutleries, you lose the chance to impress the guests. Even if you place a collapsible wooden fruit basket, you will still not get the chance to impress them. But this doesn’t mean that the fruit basket has no value. Like we mentioned initially, it is an integral part of your guest table.

However, coming to the point, you must arrange the table with the simplest cutleries. If you can find cutleries made of glass, it would be perfect. But silverware doesn’t make a bad choice, too. The important point that you must consider is minimalism. Despite the type of products you select, make sure to keep your arrangements simple.

Add wine glasses to the decor as they are naturally beautiful. Finally, fold the napkins in a traditional way. If you try to fold the napkins as they do in restaurants, the coziness of the party or dinner will be lost. Therefore, make sure to give a personal touch no matter what.

Fruit Baskets For Serving Guests Wooden Fruit Basket

Consider the Tablecloth/Table Linen

If you don’t like adding a tablecloth, you can opt out of it. But if you are planning to purchase a wooden fruit basket, then you might have to readdress your thought. When you add wooden items, the table shouldn’t be in some odd color. Instead, it should complement the basket that you are planning to add. Therefore, deciding whether to add a tablecloth or not should be based on your overall idea.

For example, if you want to add a fruit basket, you can check the options available at The Wood Value. We sell amazing products. However, you should decide whether these items would go along with your party or dinner theme. If you add items that are made of wood, you can create an aesthetic look. But then again, the decision is yours.

Once you decide on the theme, you can opt to select or cut off this tip from your design plan.

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Think about the Centerpiece

This is the most important tip out of all. If you don’t get the centerpiece right, you are going to ruin it all. It is the focal point of your entire theme. Therefore, it is okay to spend a few minutes deciding the best centerpiece. When we think about centerpieces, there couldn’t be a better choice than flower vases, right? At The Wood Value, you can find amazing flower vases that might offer the finishing touch to your fruit basket.

Once you go through the choices available, you can decide the best-suited vase. Make sure to add flowers that nail the entire theme. Also, it is recommended to have some natural and mild fragrant flowers.

Pro tip: have your guests in your mind whenever you decorate!

Do the Final Touch

This is when you should add the most awaited wooden folding basket. Only when you have placed all the other décor and essential items, you’d be able to allocate space for this. The basket shouldn’t be overly expressive or insignificant. The simplest tip is to keep it in the middle of the table. But make sure that every guest around the table can reach it.

Also, you should make sure that the fruit basket doesn’t overcrowd all the other decor items. When you place the basket, it gives an enriching feeling because fruits are enriching. Besides, you will be adding varieties of fruits. Those colors will make the table vibrant. That would give the best final touch.

Sometimes, you might be clueless about purchasing fruit baskets, so take a look at our suggestions:

Note: there are bread storage baskets too, so you can keep the bread safely until the guests arrive.

Even if you purchase the best basket, you should know how to decorate or make it attractive. Therefore, we’ll help you with some simple tips.

Simple Tips to Decorate Your Fruit Basket

Think about the Size

If you have selected a small basket, you wouldn’t be able to place a lot of fruits. But if you are setting up a small dinner table, then a small wooden collapsible basket would suffice. Therefore, think about the size of the basket that you are choosing.

Add a Few Decorative Leaves

If you have not done this before, then this might be confusing. But we’ll make it easy for you. Add some vine leaves on the sides of the fruit basket so that they will make the overall presentation better. Check Instagram for some inspiration.

Select fruits appropriately

You are not going to select whatever you see because it wouldn’t be eye-pleasing. Once you have selected the fruits, wipe them clean.

Balance the placement

You shouldn’t keep the same color fruits close by, instead, have a balance. Play with the different colors of fruits you have purchased.

“First guests see then they eat; so make it beautiful.” –anonymous


Your aim should be to present your guests’ table in the best way. If you stick to your aim by reading relevant tips and purchasing from the right shop, you’ll be all good! Shop from The Wood Value one of the best wooden handmade products.


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