Wooden Comb for Hairs

Let Your Hair be Treated with a Wooden Comb 

Most people are concerned about their health even if they have a busy schedule. When speaking of health, we can’t ignore our hair. It is one of the prominent parts of a body and needs to be taken care of. If you want to take care of your hair in the best way, we suggest using a wooden comb for hairs. At The Wood Value, we have choices for you, so give them a try. But before purchasing those, you have to make sure to know why wooden combs are important.

Why should you purchase a wooden comb?

Whenever you are planning to try a new product, you need to find the reasons why you should buy it. So talking about wooden comb for hairs, there are different reasons why you should try it. To understand why you need to purchase a wooden comb, you need to know the evolution of the comb below.

The comb is not a new thing; it has been in the market for centuries. It is not possible to find the founder of combs, but as for stats, combs were found in 5,000 BC. The former inventions of combs were made of ivory, stone, or wood. The natural wood comb was a normal thing back in the days, but now it has become a luxury good because of other cheaper yet unhealthy choices such as plastic and metal combs.

The natural wood comb started gaining recognition in China and spread across the world. People began using combs for health purposes and to get rid of lice. As for historical details, wooden combs have been a primary production. Also, wood is an organic resource that has zero to no negative impacts on your body. But over time, plastic combs were found and considered cheap. Plastic combs started taking over the comb market. People were also opting for plastic combs because they are cheap.

Wood Grain Portable Bamboo Hair Comb

Introduction of Plastic Comb

Plastic combs are long-lasting, versatile, and cheap. Once this was introduced to the market, it started skyrocketing. Manufacturers made it their class-first product. Wooden combs for hairs started becoming a luxury good after the introduction of plastic combs. However, you are not going to benefit from plastic combs like you would from a wood mustache comb. In fact, it is not a healthy choice for your hair or beard. Because of static electricity, your hair or beard might entangle when you comb.

Wooden Comb for Hairs Wood Grain Portable Bamboo Hair Comb

If you are worried about ingrown beard hair, you know the reason. So, why not take a look at The Wood Value to purchase some wooden combs for you or your loved ones. You can gift it as an anniversary or birthday gift because it connects health benefits as well.

Introduction of Metal Combs

Metal combs are classy and nice to have, but are they good for your hair? Wouldn’t it offer the same result as plastic combs? If the metal comb is perfectly polished, then you might not face similar issues like plastic combs. However, it will remove the natural oil from your hair. So it is always better to pick the right product like the wood mustache comb.

Wrapping up

Effective detangler, distributes oils evenly, with no static electricity, and durability is the reason why you must purchase wooden combs for hairs. At The Wood Value, you can meet your demands, so give it a try.


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